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September 12, 2016
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Residents validate On-It Regional Transit is a ride worth taking

Okotoks’ Colin Gainer and the Calgary Regional Partnership Transit team launched the first Information Session at the Okotoks Recreation Centre.

By Ruby Gill, Communications and Marketing Advisor

As the On-It Regional Transit Pilot Project gears up, the Calgary Regional Partnership’s (CRP) initial set of information sessions drew an estimated 250 citizens.

The public information sessions that took place in Okotoks, Turner Valley, High River, and Black Diamond, had one clear message: citizens are excited and eager to know more about the On-It Regional Transit service.


On-It Regional Transit pilot: Something more than just buses

Residents understood this is a pilot project and it’s a start to something more.

On-It Regional Transit means more than just buses. It’s about growing a complete mobility system.

The future of On-It is about providing choices to suit all your lifestyle needs.

This can mean connecting bike paths and pedestrian pathways to transit hubs and creating a true lifestyle culture for regional transit users.

A transit pilot project fueled by information

Public interest was apparent from the first information session the CRP held on this transit pilot project in Okotoks.

People were clearly engaged in their support for On-It, a trend that continued at the following information sessions.

Attendees benefited from seeing the route and proposed schedules with highlights on costs and estimated travel time.

The goals of the community outreach program

The goal of the information sessions was to:

  • provide information about the new regional transit service
  • answer residents’ questions
  • gather feedback about the service through the survey
  • learn more about On-It users

Very few concerns were voiced by the public.

Residents learned that the intent is to grow the system to serve as many regional residents as possible if the pilot proves successful.

Resident feedback: regional transit is long overdue

“As we hoped, the people in these communities have been making their voices heard in large numbers both at our open houses and in online correspondence.” says Ettore Iannacito, Transportation and Complete Mobility Program Lead for CRP.

“The news on both sides has been good—the folks in this region have been looking for the kind of service that the On-It Regional Transit Project aims to provide.”

The CRP has been eager to take feedback from the people who will be making daily use of On-It Regional Transit Service,” states Iannacito.

The general impression was a regional transit service was overdue and they are happy to finally get it going for September 2016, especially to residents who have business and social interests in Calgary.


Response to online survey

So far, almost 770 people completed our On-It survey. The survey is designed to learn more about potential pilot project users and what citizens hope to gain from On-It.

Surveys have been completed by many attendees at information sessions and visitors to the CRP’s On-It Regional Transit website.

While the survey contest is now closed, we are continuing to collect resident input and the survey link is still available on the website.

Take survey now

Let’s talk benefits

General feeling is everyone wants the trial service to be successful and are eager to see it take off and thrive.

Using a standard commuter calculator, commuters who travel to Calgary five days a week can save up to $7,000 or more a year by taking On-It Regional Transit.


Residents felt that the benefits of not having to deal with winter driving and the stress of trying to find parking made this a ride worth taking.

There’s a clear economic and social benefit to Region residents, and it’s one that people at every information session have enthusiastically received.

Watch what people are saying…

Spreading the word

Missed our information session? Want to learn more or provide feedback? Go online and submit your survey!

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Regional transit is our speedway to the future

Regional thinking and collaboration is spreading across the Calgary Region. We’re convinced the On-It pilot project fills the Region’s long-standing transportation gap.

For more information visit our website:

We have a contact email address for your comments and questions, and would love to hear from you:

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  1. Jay says:

    I would really like to know if we as okotoks residents can we use this bus to get from one end of okotoks to the other??? And what the cost is and what the schedule looks like for that?