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June 13, 2017
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September 15, 2017
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Tales from On-It’s Calgary/Banff week-end

Inside On-It

The launch of On-It’s Calgary/Banff weekend service provides some fun stories

By Richard White, Content Contributor


First there was the man who said, upon getting on the bus, he had not been out to Banff for 20 years. He does not like to drive distances and is worried about parking.

When coming home he was thrilled – he had a beautiful day wandering the streets of Banff, taking ROAM (Banff’s transit) to Cave in Basin (free this summer) and the shuttle to Lake Minnawanka.

He said, he plans to tell his friends and he’ll definitely be back on the bus!


Mikey Loves On-IT!

One of Calgary’s favourite bloggers, Mike Morrison also decided he and a friend should give On-It Calgary/Banff a test drive on Sunday.

They were soon tweeting how much fun they were having and perhaps became On-It Regional Transit’s most influential champion.

Mike morrison tweets about On-It      Mike Morrison tweets about On-It ticket


Best day ever?

On Saturday a group of ladies saw the On-It bus (who can miss it, with its distinctive branding) at Crowfoot Station so they decided to wandered over.

They were so excited they decided on the spot to go to Banff for the day!

Colleen Shepherd, Calgary Regional Partnership’s Executive Director, chatted with them as they were boarding to go home.

They had shopping bags in hand and said they had the best day ever! They had dinner at a great restaurant and now could relax on the way home.

They also said they’d be back!

Getting on the On-It bus


Transit All The Way?

A twenty-something woman, on a whim, decided on Sunday to hop on the LRT at Banff Trail (ironically) and catch the 2:45 bus from Crowfoot to Banff, wander a bit and take the 8:30 bus home.

She loved the idea she could use transit to get all the way to Banff and back.


Let’s Do It Again!

There was a couple of guys from Germany and three ladies from California (separate buses) staying in Calgary who took one of the Saturday morning buses from Crowfoot Station to Banff both days.

The guys like it so much they decided to do it again Sunday.

Lining up for On-It


Senior Moment!

One senior after getting off the LRT at Crowfoot Station saw the sign about the On-It Calgary/Banff transit service this summer.

He started asking questions about the service.

And after learning more, he thought it would be a great day trip for him and his wife. They are living in a nursing home near the Crowfoot LRT.

“Who needs the hassle of driving?” he smirked.


Works Both Ways!

And it wasn’t just about the tourists; the On-It Calgary Banff service is truly a transit service.

A Banff teacher used it to come to Calgary for a conference on Sunday.

She said she regularly comes to Calgary on weekends and would be taking the On-It bus rather than driving.  She now could get some work done – adding “the marking never stops.”

In fact, there were several people from Banff using the On-It bus as an opportunity to come to Calgary for the day.


Last word

Nobody expected the buses to be filled to capacity on the first weekend, however, it was a promising start.

Thinking of heading to Banff this weekend – leave the driving to On-It.

Visit the schedule and tickets page to start planning your trip today.


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  1. gheeie says:

    We had a great experience in on it bus. Having this bus is such an amazing idea, sepcially for those who doesn’t have a vehicle like us. When we heared that there will be a bus going to Banff we immediately book a trip, it was our first family trip outside Calgary due to we are not driving and we doesn’t have a vehicle yet. We were the only passengers that they picked up last june 17 in Somerset Station. The bus is very comfortable not only because it has it’s on washroom but the driver is so very careful in driving. When we arrived in Banff there are Roam buses around. We enjoyed the trip and we will definitely book again in on it bus before the summer ends. The experience is so wonderful you will really feel safe during the trip.

    • On-It says:

      Thank you for your comments! So glad you had a wonderful first trip. Have you been again?

  2. RON HANCOCK says:

    how much for kids and what ages?

    • On-It says:

      Hi Ron. Kids under 6 are free! Ages 2-5 must still register for a free ticket to have a seat. Ages 0-2 can sit on an adult’s lap and do not require a ticket.

  3. VEvangelista says:

    I would like to thank and congratulate the people behind this project. It was an easy and affordable weekend get-away. The staff and crew are so nice, accommodating and professional. We will be back again in 2 weeks on board On-it!

  4. Mary Perry says:

    We are visiting Calgary Sep 14-20. What are the scheduled trips then?